Some initial responses ...

Caught in the Rip is well structured and praiseworthy for both its
logic and intellectual rigour. Thompson combines sharp analysis
with a fine sense of humour and a good dose of humility. As he
says in the book, it is all about ‘putting the right kind of
questions to the right kind of people’ – a task that he himself
manages to pull off brilliantly.

Christopher Michaelsen, International Lawyer

I started reading the book at Edinburgh airport and couldn’t put
it down. 84 pages later we landed in Paris and I was annoyed
that my reading had been curtailed. What a different place the
world’s financial capitals would be if the people within them took
to heart some of the ideas in this thought provoking and
fascinating book.

Jamie Weir, Director, Private Equity Firm

This is like a very good book on management but about life
instead ... it is for serious thinkers.

Peter Copleston, Psychologist & Market Researcher

I am definitely in the target audience category, caught in the rip
of work, kids, mortgage, etc. Whilst helping with the design, this
book has made me think very deeply about many things.

Andrew Cunningham, Principal, Design Studio

If you are asking the big questions about the state of the world
and where it is going, then this book provides an excellent start
to thinking those questions through and in helping to make
decisions about your life in the future.

Tim Plyming, Project Manager, BBC

I really enjoyed the book. I think it’s a fresh structure and will
make anyone that reads it think twice about these huge
questions. I’ve been using some of the quotes and thoughts in
discussions about topical issues like intelligent design versus

Scott Hopkin, Art Director, Advertising Agency

I found the analysis of the main religions the most succinct and
clearest argument for ‘real’ Christianity I have encountered, and
in particular the compelling rationale for the existence of
‘Something Beyond’.

John Brien, Managing Director, Retailer

I love the book. The overall structure is strong.

Michael Ramsden, Ravi Zacharias Trust

This is a book to rattle the cage and force honest self-
examination, especially for successful, sophisticated young 21st
century professionals.

Rev David Prior, Rector, Episcopal Church, Florida
(formerly Director, Centre for Marketplace Theology, London)

John Thompson has wrestled with the tough questions of life and
faith using intense logic and intellectual rigour. A refreshing
challenge to those drifting along with conventional wisdom.

Dale Stephenson, Senior Pastor, Baptist Church

I’ve just sent a copy to a friend. He is a thinking guy, trying to
make a difference in the world and I’m convinced that its
counter-cultural wisdom will whet his appetite for the Bible. I’m
so excited that I have a book of this quality to give him.

Rev Rico Tice, Christianity Explored

The tone is winsomely warm, but without compromising the
intellectual integrity of the work. I can only imagine that the
author’s family will be bowled over when they read it.

Barry Cooper, Christianity Explored

I admire the author’s resolve to ‘face core questions head on’. His
book is obviously the fruit of wide reading and deep reflection.
Perhaps most effective are those passages where he writes about
himself; they have a special note of authenticity.
Rev Dr John Stott, Theologian